Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus

It is Turkish culture, Greek traditions and Cypriot roots. There are a lot of ancient sights, excellent beaches and quality hotels.
Cities and Resorts.
Each city has two names at once - Greek and Turkish:

Nicosia (Lefkosa)

A unique city, one of the oldest in the world, because the first settlements in the picturesque intermountain of Mesaoria date back to the 7th century BC. e. It is a city of fusion of two cultures and peaceful coexistence of past and present. A third of the island's population lives in the city, but it is as easy to breathe here as anywhere in the vastness of the Cypriot plains.

Famagusta (Ghazi Magosa)

Famagusta is as old as the world. This city literally breathes history, with old buildings, cathedrals, ancient public baths and other carefully guarded ruins everywhere. And next to the Cathedral of St. Nicholas grows a fig tree. Planted at the time of laying the foundation (in 1298), it still pleases the eye with green crowns.

Kyrenia (Girne)

Port city and one of the most popular resorts in Northern Cyprus. It is located at the foot of the mountains on the Mediterranean coast, there is a very calm atmosphere of a small seaside town, there are not even high-rise buildings, since it is forbidden by law to build houses higher than 5 floors.
Kyrenia has clean sandy beaches and clear water, so people come here, first of all, for a lazy beach holiday..

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