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Organizations of national and international congresses
Organizations of dealers meetings abroad
Organizations of seminars
Organizations of conferences
Product launches and presentation meetings
Dealer and periodical meetings
Motivation events


Statistical analysis and reporting after congress
Hotel’s and others agreements

Preparing Project

Choosing the venue
Time scheduling
Organization planning


Opening and closing ceremonies
Cocktails or dinners for opening and closing
Musical organizations
Live music and concert
Team building for group’s concept
Gala dinner
BBQ, cocktail, weeding party, birthday, aniversary organizations
Artists, speakers and etc

Technical Solutions

Field outfitting for conference and other corporate activities
Technical equipment: Light, sound, firework, photo and video shooting, decor manufacturing and assembly
Preparation of advertisement and introduction materials
Decor and promotion materials
Customised group concept design
Professional staff procurement
Specifically customised for corporate tour programmes and establishing control at each stage of the services given
Logistic Solutions

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